Gene Profiling

Knowing your gene profile can give you keys for optimal health. The focus isn’t on diseases you may have a potential to develop, rather I focus on supporting your natural healthy body systems and your innate defence processes.

Genetic testing for health focuses on foundational cellular processes that ensure your wellbeing including; Detoxification, Inflammation, Fat Metabolism, Vitamin D absorption, Methylation, Cell Defence, CardioVascular Health. This field of science is very progressive and we’re learning more all the time. Ensuring optimal function of these processes will help you enjoy sustainable health.

Every individual has a number of genetic variations called SNPs that influence their health and wellbeing. Your combination of DNA and it’s SNPs provide the production list of proteins made for your body to function. The fascinating thing is that it’s the choices you make and the things your cells are surrounded by that direct the balance of how your SNPs work (or don’t) towards your health. Learning your individual combination of variations can help inform you for better choices towards sustainable health.

I am qualified in Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics… let me help you understand your DNA

You can book with me to arrange for your gene screening, or if you already have one through or 23andMe, I can help you interpret the gene SNPs. I combine this information with details of your current health status to develop specific guidelines and protocols for you to manage (or regain) your health. Sometimes further functional testing is helpful to establish what’s happening in your body currently, and how that correlates with your genetic predisposition.

Rose Riley

Registered Clinical Nutritionist

Holistic Health Practitioner


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