Fads and Fantasies OR Functional Testing?

Does a feeling of vitality and wellness elude you? Do you have repetitive periods of pain, discomfort, moods and/or fatigue? Do you need clarity and accurate information about the causes of your health challenges? …

Functional testing may be the tool you need. Functional testing opens a window into the world of your cells, chemistry and body systems giving you information about the causes of your troubles, providing accurate insights for you to create targeted health strategies.

The world of functional medicine is expanding so rapidly that I hear of new testing options every month.  Everything from digestive function to chemical toxicity, detoxification, metabolic health and hormonal imbalances can be explored with functional testing and an experienced practitioner to interpret the results for you.

Let me introduce you to Millennial Mama 35yrs old, mum to two lively and precociously wonderful babies, 5 and 7 years old. Holding down a 30 hr per week job, missing quality time with the kids and her partner, proactive about health and wellness but in recent months feeling exhausted, menstrual cycles have become long and painful, and some days the world feels blue. Her usual whole-food eating, regular but not excessive exercise, and good sleep isn’t working for her any more. She’s been trying supplements professionally recommended, and others her friends have suggested. The doctor had given her a month’s supply of iron tablets (but they’re long gone) and suggested she try a Mirena, but what will that do to her hormone balance? And what has caused this shift to intolerable periods? Should she keep plugging away (no pun intended), trying this and that, hoping to stop the symptoms? Or should she put that money and effort towards functional testing and get real answers?

This is the type of scenario I see time and again, whether it be a super-mum with hormonal imbalance, a tradesman with gut issues, a couple trying to conceive or an insomniac who believes they’ll never sleep 8 hours again. Most have spent a lot of time and money before they decide to try functional testing for answers. Once they have the information, the path forward has direction, and effective steps can be taken to regain health. It’s not always quick, and sometimes test results show that further screening is required, but underlying causes are addressed and sustainable health can be regained.

Functional testing includes an array of urine, saliva, blood and ‘poop’ tests. Depending on your symptom presentation and history, a proactive integrative practitioner will keep up with the latest testing that’s available, and will make recommendation to you.

When the simple basics of wellbeing aren’t working for you, when symptoms get confusing and complicated, when you’re looking for answers that are keep evading you, functional testing will point the way.